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Zentrale Innsbruck

Lichthaus Haid Gesellschaft m.b.H.
Trientlgasse 43
6020 Innsbruck

T: +43 (0)512 / 34 51 76
F: +43 (0)512 / 34 51 76 - 31

E: office@neuhaid.com

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Let light advertise for you!

Neon signs, illuminated pylons, LED systems, single letters, special constructions, illuminated writings and all sorts of combinations thereof – anything, that let your customers‘ eyes glow: Illuminated advertising has played a crucial role in our doing since 1949.


Signs of our time.

Advertising signs, 3D objects, guidance systems, stand-up display, POS – anything, that catches and fascinates your customers eye: signs in all shapes and colours is our contribution to your success.


Your individual (foot)print.

Reel-fed or flatbed printing for film prints, PVC- / mesh canvas, large size prints – anything, that spotlights your message: Our high tech printers bring out highest quality and big impression on various materials like acrylic glas, aluminium or wood - special effects inclusive!


Our Service

Anything that catches the eye

Our Service

Neon signs and displays, illuminated pylons, LED systems, advertising signs, 3D objects, guidance systems, film prints, PVC-/mesh canvas, prints XXL

In short – anything, that catches your customer’s eye: Since 1949, we have been creating SIGNificance in all sorts of forms and colours. What’s behind all this? Perfectionist machines, which don’t know any compromise. And passionate people, who care about the smallest detail.

From inquiry to satisfaction: The processing of order account is directed by our sales people who become your personal contact.They help you plan your individiual signage which might include creating samples, visualizations of the product in the real surroundings, organizing administrative permissions, mounting the signages and follow-up care. Our team strives for a prompt, reliable processing of complex processes.

The sustainable quality of our service depends on both the processes and the people involved. Therefore, seeking and generating satisfaction and confidence  is our utmost concern. Our longterm experience, our high standards of quality and our widely-spread sales organisation make us a reliable partner. That’s confirmed by our customers‘ loyalty. In Austria. In Europe. Even worldwide.



  • big sized canvas sign with spotlights
  • insert type sign with inserted acrylic glass, LED illuminated
  • letters with sealed LED illumination, partially varnished
  • acrylic sign illuminated with LED lamps
  • plastic letterings with sealed LED modules
  • single letters with acrylic face and LED illumination
  • free-standing customized sign LED illumination
  • combination of single letters and sign with LED illumination
  • portal illumination behind toughened acrylic, fully laminated
  • single letters with acrylic face and LED illumination
  • shop window foliation with mirror film
  • LED illuminated letters with light-proof face
  • customized lettering mounted with distance
  • lighting directed to the back, face made of ground stainless steel
  • letters of twolight materials with day/night effect lighting to the front


Haid has been setting conspicuous signs since 1949
for its customers all over the world. Get to know the Tyrolean family business.


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